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ROI-MARTS What it means to be proactive now

Be proactive | Philippe Moisan | beproactivenow.net

Be proactive now. It’s this blog’s name.

When I chose that expression, it was after doing some search about the expression “Be proactive.” I also realized it’s the way I do things online, mostly. I am lazy about some aspects, but I’m working on that, so to be proactive is a message I’m sending to me as well.

For those of you who wonder what ROI-MARTS means, it’s an acronym I came up with to define what I believe are the most important aspects you need to work on:

  • Return
  • On
  • Investment
  • Money
  • Associates
  • Resources
  • Time
  • Skills and Structure

I talk about it in another post, click here to read it.

To be proactive is what I believe is the first ingredient about the ROI-MARTS formula. The reason I’m writing this current post is because I thought I had defined clearly in my head what it is to be proactive in the present moment. To me, it meant to go ahead and start things instead of waiting for perfect conditions. Thinking and pPlanning are essential of course, but course correction is unavoidable whatever your decisions, for important projects anyway.

This weekend, I saw another definition of how to be proactive. It hit me like a brick. I hadn’t thought of it that way. However, it makes such perfect sense that I now incorporate it in my own definition. I saw it at Tools To Life, the self-improvement website by Devlyn Steele. If you have followed my blog for some time, you have seen one or more of my blog posts about Tools To Life. I am currently following the Coach Steele program. Devlyn Steele doesn’t sugar coat things. He is gentle and respectful, of course.

Here’s how he explains what it means to be proactive:

So now what you need to decide and realize is that you’re in control, the decision is yours to be proactive in your personal life. It’s funny but you’re meanest and laziest with the people closest to you. The reason is  you can get away with it. You don’t react to the boss or the police or even to a stranger because you can’t get away with it. You choose to be reactive with the people closest to you because of just that; you can get away with it. You go nuts in the car in a way you wouldn’t react face-to-face because you feel safe in getting away with it. What posi­tive events have the negative reactions of your life brought you?

      You know the truth, and you know that it brings you nothing but more aggravation. Funny, when you’re dating and trying to win the person your heart desires you’re proactive and don’t let the little things annoy you, but when you feel safe you blow up. Are we all such cowards that when we feel safe, we are mean? When you go off-the-wall at your child, who has to take it, are you building anything positive? You wouldn’t treat a stranger like that, and most likely you’re not even reacting to the situation. You’re not changing anything but causing negative energy that your child will resist and resent. The only way to change behavior between loved ones is with positive and careful communication. Proactive.

He further explains that, when a situation comes up, to be proactive is actually to be patient, to take the time to respond positively. Now at first, I saw it as contradicting my blog’s name “Be Proactive Now.” Do you realize I was making the mistake he just talked about? I was reacting, instead of thinking about it. It then dawned on me. To be proactive now is exactly what he says. Else, I would have kept being angry or annoyed at my mistaken perception of how he explained it.

I won’t tell where I took the excerpt I just showed you from Tools To Life. It’s free to join. Check my first post about it here.

This article I read at Tools To Life convinced me more than ever.

To be proactive now is the way to go!


4 Responses to “ROI-MARTS What it means to be proactive now”

  1. Janet Legere says:

    Great post and great insight into being pro-active, even if it means doing nothing ;-) Excellent, thank you for sharing! Tools to Life is one of those life tools everyone needs :-)
    Janet Legere recently posted..Professional Auto Responder For BusinessMy Profile

    • Philippe says:

      Hello Janet,

      Thanks for your feedback. I had to think before writing this post, as it touches something at the core for me. :)


  2. What a great post, Philippe. It definitely caused me to think about what you wrote, and how it would affect my life. Thank you for sharing.

    • Philippe says:

      Hello Maurice,

      Thanks for your very nice comment. I’m glad I posted the link at CLB, I find the group of people there to be very dynamic. :)


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